Carpet Cleaning Woolwich is a company with long history and company traditions, which help us to be one of the leaders on the cleaning market. Every beginning is tough and we started as a small organization with one technician, because of all positive feedback and help, we have managed to expand and be informed about the latest changes in the requirements and industry criteria. We have built strong relation with our loyal customers.

During these years we found a way to work efficient and provide various services at very affordable costs. Our prices are very low, reasonable and competitive, they include all the cleaning materials and equipment so you do not need to pay anything additional. If any other company offers you better quotation you can contact us at your first availability and we will beat it or match it for you! Our quotes are free and non obligating.

As a leading corporation in the cleaning industry, we try to help as many as possible people, that is why we have decided to stay open even on Saturdays, on Sundays and on Holidays. Of course there will be no additional fee in case you decide to book one of these days. You can choose between our available slots in the morning or in the afternoon.

All of our employes posses strong working ethic and principles, they are reliable, trustworthy and very responsible, they will do their best to achieve the best results possible. The company’ s management sets up different work related seminars and meetings to keep our staff members highly motivated and informed about the latest trends and changes, to help them improving their     accomplishment and develop new cleaning techniques which will better their performance.

Our customer support team is consisted of very ambitious and helpful professionals, which will be more than happy to assist you. They have positive attitude for everyone, they are fully informed and will be able to offer you the best price indication and answer all of your questions in relation of the service process and availability.